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About Us


Leasing Services, LLC is  a Wisconsin based leasing company who's founder has been providing leasing options to the business community for over 30 years.  Our customers are our number one priority and we pride ourselves on being FAST, FRIENDLY and RELIABLE!   

We also specialize in Utility Trailer Financing.

Below is a list of common equipment that we provide leasing options for:



  • Computers/Servers
  • Software
  • Copiers/Printers
  • Office Furniture
  • Phone Systems

  • CAD Machines
  • CAD Software
  • Robotic/Automation
  • Forklifts/Batteries
  • Robotic/Automation 

  • Fitness Equipment
  • Floor Scrubber
  • Landscape Machinery
  • Point-of-Sale Systems
  • Signage
  • Security Systems
  • Restaurant/Bar Equipment
  • Utility Trailers AND SO MUCH MORE!