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Dennis Biedrzycki, Managing Member


Leasing Services LLC is here to provide you with leasing options so you can get the most for your money!  Instead of paying cash upfront for your equipment, why not pay monthly?  Low monthly payments can free up capital for other business needs.


Did you know we also provide services such as commercial and consumer receivables for banks, utility companies and almost all other companies with receivables.  

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Why lease you might be asking?  Here are just a few of the important reasons:


  • 100% Financing - Leasing allows for minimal upfront costs or money down.  Most leases only require two payments due at lease signing and a small document fee.

  • Credit Lines - Leasing equipment will leave those credit lines available for short-term needs and emergencies.

  • Stretch the Budget - With a lease you can forecast a fixed monthly expense and even obtain equipment needed but couldn't afford.  Rather than strain an operating budget on the outright purchase of equipment, simply lease the technology needed for a more affordable fixed monthly payment.

  • Income - Income generated from the equipment can provide additional growth opportunities and cover the lease payments.

  • Creative Terms - Leasing provides you with a wide range of options: longer terms, flexible payment plans, easier monthly payments and competitive, fixed rates.

  • Tax Benefits - In many cases, lease payments are 100% tax deductible included in IRS Section 179. (Be sure to check with your accountant.)

  • ACH Payments - Schedule your payment to be deducted from your checking account.  No stamps or envelopes and no chance for any late fees!

  • Credit Card Payments - Schedule your payment to be charged to your Visa or Mastercard.